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Thread Lifting Clinical Usage


NSRT: Natural SMAS Repositioning Technique


Plastic Surgeon M.D. Ph. D. Gi Woong, Hong

Plastic Surgeon M.D. M.B.A. Yong Woo, Lee

335 Pages

Printed April 2019

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Anatomy & Botulinum Toxin Injections


We are proud after seven years, and an extensive update to release the new edition of our best selling title on Anatomy & Botulinum toxin injections. Key features: for each muscle, starting with profile, origin, connections, followed by action and innervation, and concluding with topographic illustrations, this user friendly format builds on your understanding of injectable facial anatomy. Side-by-side images with explanatory text and anatomical drawings with concise labelling and expanded descriptive captions makes this book an ideal study companion that highlights and explain key concepts.

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Anatomy & Lip Enhancement


When we look around, we may question some of the outcomes of lip injections.

Is the problem one of shape, balance or movement, i.e. an aesthetic problem? Or is it a problem with the product or the technique?

At Expert 2 Expert, we quickly realised that a book devoted to the lips was becoming essential. We hesitated because the task seemed to be so enormous but the quality of the contributors, who immediately showed their enthusiasm, and the vibrancy of their ideas – based on rigorous, scientific evidence- took the decision out of our hands.

These two years of work have provided insight into certain reasons for failure and complications but, above all, have allowed us to review a great deal of received wisdom to confirm or undermine various therapeutic principles.

Patrick Trevidic, MD

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Anatomy & Filler Complications


Injections of dermal fillers have shown tremendous year–on- year growth since their introduction.

Although dermal necrosis has been reported with HA fillers, this adverse event is typically far less severe with HA fillers than with non –HA fillers (with prompt diagnosis and treatment).

Anatomy and Filler Complications emphasizes on the importance in training and educating physicians.

Prevention is the only recourse, as it will be discussed extensively in this book

Facial Injection Mannequin


Introducing the must-have facial injection anatomy model of 2020

We have always been proud of our dedication to excellence in medical education, anatomy in particular. In response to the increasing demand for high quality anatomy education aids for the medical aesthetic practitioner, we now present our anatomically detailed Facial Injection Mannequins. 

Our new range of human head models is intended to make the injection simulation training as realistic as possible. We have leveraged our experience in anatomy illustration and medical textbooks to produce these carefully crafted models to consistent and exacting detail. 

PDO Thread Lifting 101


Standard Procedure of Absorbable Thread Lifting

Written by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons:

Won Seok Lee, Sang Jun Lee, Hwa Jung Yoo, Ga Yeon Jang, Dong Hye Seo

181 Pages [ Hardcover ]

Plus 15 Minutes Video Guide

Published 27-03-2019

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