Our company

Empire Medical Training graduates more Physicians and Health Care practitioners compared to any other organization and remains the number #1 CME provider for Procedure training in Non-Surgical and Surgical Aesthetics, Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine, and Interventional Pain Management having trained over 125,000 practitioners since 1998. We are a Physician-Led, “medical” organization with a focus on providing the highest quality live patient training courses working with Preeminent, highly sought-after Physician trainers willing to share their knowledge and expertise so that you can learn the same skills that has facilitated their success.

  • University Style Curriculum
  • Renowned “Celebrity” Physician Trainers
  • Specialized Training Options

Why Choose Us


Empire has consistently offered more classes and more training options for practitioners than any other program in the United States. Much like a University, Empire’s training is expansive, offering more than 45 different classes and topics in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging, and Interventional Pain Management. Empire provides courses from beginner to the most advanced topics. To meet the increasing demand for Empire’s unique brand of training, Empire offers more than 700 live workshops each year, in cities throughout the United States as well as Canada and South Avmerica. This is in very sharp contrast to other competitor course offering, as they provide limited training in Botox, Fillers, and Threads.


One of the best ways to evaluate a company is to watch real video testimonials from attendees. Judge for yourself. These are not just testimonials either but clips from the actual training as well, check it out.
You can also read actual evaluations written by attendees at the various courses. click here